Fishing Safety Tips

If you are fishing in a new place that you don’t know well yet, don’t wait for the dark. Wrap up while there’s still some sunlight and walk back.

Not knowing the area well means that you may get lost and will need some extra time to find your way. It is much better if this extra time occurs when it’s not dark yet. When arriving at your fishing destination, make a mental note about how long it took you to get to the river, lake or stream and leave at least this much time to get back while there’s still light.

You may be fishing from a pristine river in the wilderness or an ocean. The rule is the same: you never want to drink the water you are fishing in. Even when the water looks clean and drinkable, it still may have harmful bacteria that will enter your body with severe results that may include diarrhea and vomiting. You can get a poisoning even accidentally, for example, if you first rinse your hands in the stream and then eat your food using your hands. You should not be paranoid, but you should be cautious.

Bring plenty of drinking water with you. Also, don’t forget that in addition to water your body needs food. Extreme hunger, especially outside, can make people dizzy and irrational, which is a recipe for all kinds of bad decisions and mistakes. This is why it’s better to bring food with you and have some left in case you are not hungry than to get really hungry and have no food left.

If you are going to be fishing in an extreme heat, you may want to put your water and food into a cooler. A small light cooler can fit everything you need for one fishing trip.