Introduction to Basic Fishing Gear

Commercial fishermen typically have an array of devices that help them catch more fish and do so more efficiently. These devices include nets, traps and multiple hooks.

Sports fishing is much simpler. It is a sport of fishing with a rod and reel. Just like you can get started in the game of golf with just a few clubs and in the game of football with just one ball, you don’t need a lot of equipment to start fishing. All you need is a rod and reel. You don’t need a lot of complicated knowledge that you may need to play chess, create or play poker. There are very few needs above that. They include a hook and a line. This means that you can keep your fishing and your fishing gear very simple.

However, just like golfers can have all kinds of expensive gear, you can get very nice high-end equipment for fishing, too. The important point here is that fishing does not have to be expensive. It can be a very affordable hobby. Unlike golf, you do not have to belong to an expensive club to be able to catch great fish and enjoy the sport. Depending on where you are located, you may need a fishing license, but such licenses usually don’t cost much.

On the other hand, affluent anglers can fish from large boats and use cutting edge devices that help them locate and catch fish. You can also use an arsenal of different rods and reels for various types of fishes.

Deciding on what gear you will get is one of the first steps in fishing. There are four basic kinds of fishing gear. They are flycasting, baitcasting, spinning and spincast. In addition to that, you will need some kind of box to carry your tackle and lures and appropriate clothing. Depending on where you will fish, you may or may not need waterproof footwear and other gear. Sunglasses and a large hat usually make life easier during fishing.