Smart Dressing for Fishing Trips

Fishing is very different from golfing and other kinds of sports where you can dress to impress fellow players with your outfits. What you wear when you go fishing is all about comfort and successfully catching fish.

Your clothes should be comfortable and they should work if the weather suddenly changes. You may go out in pleasant sunny weather that can suddenly change and become cold, windy and rainy. You also want clothes that will not give away your position to fish. Your fishing clothes can be old and inexpensive. The key to adapting to various weather conditions is layering. Even on sunny days with nice weather you will have to deal with large swings in temperature.

You will most likely start early in the day, before dawn, when the temperatures are chilly and the air feels damp. Hours later you may find yourself in 90F heat. In addition to this, you may have to deal with winds starting and stopping, rain picking up and dying down. Even if you get the latest technology-enhanced gear, you will need more than one outfit for your fishing trips and layers are the solution to staying comfortable all day or night.

Wearing an old cotton t-shirt and shorts is perfectly fine for all conditions except extreme colds.

A layer consisting of a long-sleeve t-shirt will protect your upper body from the winds. Click here to learn more about long-sleeve t-shirts. Long silk or synthetic underwear will contain moisture and is light and warm. Even if you think that you won’t need it during your trip, it takes very little space and taking it with you just in case makes perfect sense. Jeans or khakis are pleasant to wear, protect your legs from the wind and keep the sun away. Finally, a fleece pullover is something you want to wear to stay warm and comfortable.