Types of Waders for Fishing

If you plan on fishing is a stream or from going into some other body of water, you will need waders, unless you are going fishing during warm summer months. In this case, shorts and sneakers are all you need.

However, if you plan to fish in colder water, you will need waders to stay warm and dry. Fundamentally, waders are waterproof boots that, depending on make and model, cover at least a part of your legs and possibly your torso. The first time you step into the water in waders you’ll feel almost like a fish yourself.

There are several styles of waders.

Boot-foot waders

This is one of the most convenient designs of waders. It consists of a one-piece outfit that reaches your chest.

You can usually buy boot-foot waders that have either felt or lugs on the soles. The reason for it is simple: most rocks that are sometimes covered with water or are located underwater are very slippery and covered with algae, seaweed or leaves. Both felt and lugged soles help you maintain balance when you step on slippery surfaces. Felt soles usually offer better traction compared to lugged soles, but if you mostly fish in sand, lugged soles will do the job.

In some municipalities felt soles are not legal because they can transport invasive species. Some manufacturers offer boot-foot waders with crushed walnut shell soles and other Eco-friendly materials that offer great traction and do not have this issue.

Stocking-foot waders

Just like boot-foot waders, these waders are chest high, but they do not come with attached boots. You will need to get separate wading shoes if you decide to go with stocking-foot waders.

Hip waders

This type of waders reaches the upper thing, which makes it great for fishing in the summer, but not very useful for deep or cold waters.